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"Does this save my plans?"

Most of “the numbers” you might want to save – that is, your weekly buying plans – are generated by the WIP based on the few entries you input (planned sales and margins, etc.)

The best way to "save" those, once you have developed a plan you like, is to just print out a hard copy for reference. Do that by using the “PRINT ALL“ button.

In fact, depending on your computer and/or browser, you may be able to simply email a pdf copy of the plan. 

The WIP works "in the browser."

Your entries – and therefore the WIP's calculations for you – will be retained in the browser you use for input (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge), subject to your settings for clearing its history.

No more worries if you are interrupted while working with it. When you resume, just use the same browser and device, and your plans will be there! (Even if it is a few days later, so long as you have not cleared the history in that browser.)

Time to update your plans?

Whenever you return, using the same device and browser, you should find each of your plans on its own page, ready for you to update your inputs.

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